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Spruce DVD #1
Spruce is a creative furniture upholstery business located in Austin, Texas. Lately, they've been hard at work producing a series of how-to instructional DVDs to share with everyone.

I was tasked with designing the packaging for their first DVD, and chose to bring the tools and process included in the video onto the front cover. I used a grid to deliver the visuals, and added the bright orange-red color of the two fabrics in the DVD as the visual identity of this first DVD installment. Inside the packaging, I recreated the vintage pattern from one of the re-upholstered chairs to create a big stylish impact.

Go support this amazing little shop and learn how to re-upholster! Buy the DVD on their site, and read more about the project on their blog.

Client: Spruce
Role: Design, Art Direction
Type: Print, Packaging

Other Contributors:
Video Production & Editing: Chris Hatcher
Video Director: Dean Schanbaum
Photographer: Mel Ferro Cole

Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside DVD Case with Disc

Front Cover - Label Detail

Front Cover - Tool Grid Detail

Front Cover - Edge Detail

Inside Case - Signature Detail