SBX Holidays 2010
For our 2010 holiday campaign, we decided to print a greeting card with a QR Code that led our fans and clients to a mobile site where they could download merry mobile wallpapers.

I designed a holiday ornament look and feel which worked across both the printed piece and mobile site. I also leveraged the ornaments for my wallpaper artwork, which was 1 of 6 created by the creative team. We provided support for the iPad, iPhone 3G and 4G, and a variety of Android devices on the mobile site and wallpaper sizes.

Client: Springbox
Role: Design, Art Direction
Agency: Springbox
Type: Print, Interactive

springbox holiday print card 1

springbox holiday print card 3

springbox holiday print card 2

springbox holiday print card 4

  • springbox ipad holiday wallpapers 1
  • springbox ipad holiday wallpapers 2
  • springbox ipad holiday wallpapers 4

  • springbox mobile holiday wallpapers 1
  • springbox mobile holiday wallpapers 2
  • springbox mobile holiday wallpapers 3