Web Design, Swag • 2011 - 2013
Over the course of their first album cycle, I designed and developed 2 websites for the GIVERS and created some fun rally towels for fans to swing at their shows.

I designed a set of 4 rally towels using hand-drawn illustrations of exploding bits and triangles overlaid and screen printed with pure cyan, magenta, and yellow inks.

The 2013 website used responsive framework to make a collection of their best videos accessible to their fans while they worked on their second album.

The site's minimal content scaled down tastefully for mobile viewing.

The 2011 website helped the band connect with their fans while they were on the road by offering an updated show list, active social channels and a Wordpress blog.

Client: GIVERS
Role: Art Direction, Design, Dev
Type: Web Design, Swag
Date: May 2011 - 2015


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