CM Chocoscope
Created for a campaign put on by Central Market during valentine day weekend, the interactive Chocoscope lived on the 'In Stores Now' page of the site and provided a scrumptious engagement for loyal fans and new customers.

I designed icons for nine chocolate horoscope types, and created a set of sliders to help users determine what sign they were. Users could share their particular sign through Facebook, and browse all nine types. In addition, they were also given product suggestions based on their type, and a coupon for free choice to satisfy their craving. This project has some campaign elements by The Richards Group.

Client: Central Market
Role: Design, Art Direction
Agency: Springbox
Type: Interactive
Link: Demo

W3 2010 Award - Silver
2010 Davey Awards - Silver

  • chocoscope landing screen
  • chocoscope detail screen
  • chocoscope detail screen
  • chocoscope detail screen