Holiday Goods 2011
In December of 2011, my wife and I were asked by West Elm and Etsy to participate in a Pop-Up Shop at the downtown Austin West Elm store location. We brought the best of our Etsy shop (Satchel & Sage) goods to the public and had a fantastic time.

I decided to make some new holiday goods for just for this event. I hand-illustrated a generous set of Christmas words and imagery, and produced a set of 14 unique gift tags. Then, I created a custom Venn Diagram print out of two ornaments and the concept of home.

Client: Satchel & Sage
Role: Illustration, Design, Art Direction
Type: Illustration, Print

Gift Tag Detail

Holiday Gift Tags - Set of 14

Holiday Gift Tags - Detail

Holiday Venn Print

Holiday Venn Print - Detail Shots