Bootstraps Shirt
In early September of 2011, fires raged in Bastrop and other areas in central Texas. I was compelled to contribute to the recovery in some way, as the fires affected my family and my co-workers. Thankfully, nobody that I knew directly lost their home.

I contacted AIRSHP, who put together a charity microsite to sell designer-illustrated shirts for 100% donation to the victims of the fires. They allowed me to contribute my design, "Bootstraps."

My shirt concept uses the boot, a symbol of hard-working Texans, with the words "We Will Endure" over the foot-area. The calf portion of the boot, which is typically engraved leather, received flames, smoke, and the shape and star of Texas.

After the shirt portion of the project ended, I decided to print a few 11"x14" prints.

Role: Illustration, Design, Art Direction
Type: Illustration, Shirt

Bootstraps Shirt

Bootstraps Illustration

11"x14" Print

11"x14" Print - Top Detail

11"x14" Print - Bottom Detail