Artifact Series
To celebrate the first year of my Tumblr blog Pupils & Ink, I decided to repurpose the contour line drawings of small objects to create new prints.

Artifact MAKE Print
The first piece I made was an 8"x8" type-based print that used all of the artist tools that I drew to compose the word "make."

Artifact Personality Series Prints
The second project I started was to group various contour drawings together to compose fictitious personas based upon different collections of objects. I'm fascinated by the idea that what we possess (especially small objects) can define us and our activities. So, here are the current personality prints I've made: The Beachcomber, The Naturalist, The Tailor, The Writer, and The Lush.

Artifact 2012 Calendar
Lastly, I combined Prova and my contour drawings to create an 11"x17" wall calendar for 2012.

Role: Illustration, Design, Art Direction
Type: Illustration, Print
Link: Browse the Prints

Artifact MAKE - Artwork

Artifact MAKE - 8"x8" Print

Artifact Personality Series - The Beachcomber

Artifact Personality Series - The Naturalist

Artifact Personality Series - The Tailor

Artifact Personality Series - The Writer

Artifact Personality Series - The Lush

Artifact 2012 Calendar - Full Shot

Artifact 2012 Calendar - Detail Shot

Artifact 2012 Calendar - Detail Shot