I am an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. I lead the design and community efforts at Creative Market, and co-founded Satchel & Sage with my wife, Morgana. I enjoy crafting digital design resources, and occassionally offer articles, lectures and education about design for the community. Learn more on my About page.

Work Projects

I've created various design work for businesses and their customers, such as identity, web, print, app, environmental, marketing and beyond.
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Creative Market

Creative Market is the world’s marketplace for digital design content, such as graphics, fonts, themes, photos and more. I've led the design work of the MVP framework, components library, and the addition of dozens of key features over 2-1/2+ years.

Since launching in Oct. 2012, Creative Market has grown to over 650,000 members, 118,000 products and 6,000 shops.

Play Projects

I occassionally create side projects and experiments to satisfy my curiosity, such as fonts, screenprints, lettering, sketchnotes and more.
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Fonts & Design Resources

Over the past few years, I've been crafting high-quality assets that designers could use to enhance their creative projects.

My passion for design resources started when I built my first font called Prova, which I sold on my personal site. Since then, I've designed Creative Market to help the community sell their own resources — while still managing to occassionally publish new assets of my own in my shop.


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