3-in-1 Wood Texture Packs Bundle

Say hello to 3-in-1 Wood Texture Pack Bundle! Since I’ve managed to create 3 different kits of wood-based textures, I’ve decided to bundle them all together to offer wood-resource loving creators everything in one convenient package! This bundle is priced at $18, which is 25% off the combined price of $24 for all 3 texture packs (if purchased separately). The combined zip file is 1.8gb of wood texture goodness.

Here are the high-level details on the 3 individual kits included. Make sure to explore the screenshots and details of each separate kit through the links below to get a sense of the diverse range of this offering.

**Pacific Driftwood Texture Kit**
- Includes 180 total images based on 36 original photos of driftwood found at Cannon Beach, OR. The textures come in a variety of types/styles which are as follows: color jpgs, black & white jpgs, vectorized AI, vectorized EPS, vectorized PNGs (with transparent backgrounds).
- Explore the textures and learn more: https://crmrkt.com/pMX7qO

**Timber Grit — 30 Vector Wood Textures**
- Includes 30 total images (positives and negatives) based on 15 photos of high-resolution wood grains taken at Marfa, TX. The textures come in AI and EPS file formats and range from distressed to clean wood samples at varying levels of zoom.
- Explore the textures and learn more: https://crmrkt.com/82w1dB

**50 Walnut Wood Textures & Brushes**
- Includes 150 total images based on 50 high-res photographs of walnut wood textures. The files come in 3 types/styles which are as follows: 50 full-color texture jpgs, 50 black and white texture jpgs, and 50 photoshop brushes compatible with Adobe CC.
- Explore the textures and learn more: https://crmrkt.com/EgPpw5

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