CM Free Goods Experiment: Design Tinctures

The Free Goods of the Week on Creative Market looked pretty appetizing this week, so I made this experiment by combining four of them yesterday.

The four free goods that I used are the following: Rude Cookie Font, Shy Guy Texture Pack, Bottler Design Kit, and Logo Elements. They’re still available to download for free until this Sunday night (9/20).

As soon as I saw the bottles in the Bottler Kit, I got the idea to typeset some silly labels about design and creative remedies on them in the spirit of old tinctures. It’s hard to believe that these beautiful assets are free and this easy to use. You really can push a design direction really far with just a handful of elements.

Read more about on the Creative Market Blog, and check out more samples like this on Made with Creative Market. Special thanks to Noah Stokes and Kelley Johnson for pitching in some of the copy ideas on this experiment.


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