M&C: Using AI Scatter Texture Brushes

Yesterday, I posted a short video tutorial on Method & Craft about Using Illustrator Scatter Texture Brushes.

The basic premise of the video was to spotlight scatter brushes in Illustrator made from physical art tools (charcoal, pastels, pencils, etc.) by way of scanning in crafted textures. In the video, I used these awesome scatter brushes by Ryan Clark (via Creative Market).

Here are the two official write-ups of the tutorial as posted on M&C:

“Learn how to add the tactility and dimension of physical art to your illustration work by using scatter texture brushes in Illustrator.”

“Scatter texture brushes are flexible dynamic resources that can add the tactility and dimension of physical art to your illustration work in Illustrator and Photoshop. By layering tints and shades of your artwork’s colors, you can transform flat digital art into rich physical illustrations.”

You can watch the video over on M&C here.

After launching the tutorial, a few folks (Sean Wes, Stuart McCoy, Eli Schiff) added value to the post by tweeting short-cuts that may speed up the long process that I shared.

In Photoshop, you can create a marquee selection by holding down ⌘ and clicking the thumbnail (even if it’s a smart object) instead of rasterizing a copy of the layer instead.

In Illustrator, you can select the shape you want to mask a texture scatter brush path into using this series of commands: ⌘+C (copy), ⌘+F (paste), select the empty shape layer and brush strokes, then ⌘+7 to mask it.

Thanks for your contributions, guys.

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