Pay It Forward to Colorado with CM & All Hands

Yesterday, the Creative Market team launched a new charity initiative on Oct. 1st that empowers shop owners and buyers to Pay It Forward during the month of October towards the relief efforts of All Hands Volunteers — who are responding to the recent flooding events in Colorado.

It’s really important for us as a company to create opportunities for Creative Market members to support meaningful causes that help people in need through the passive income generated by our digital platform. This is just another step for us in the right direction. And to be honest, initiatives like this one are in my personal top 5 favorite things about Creative Market so far.

Previously, we raised and matched funds to aide those affected by Hurricane Sandy last year in November. This time, it’s Colorado that could use some extra love and support on the ground.

Browse goods from participating shops through the Pay It Forward page, and give back by buying great design assets and resources from these kind folks. Many of them are contributing 50%-100% of their sales.

Join with your Creative Market Shop
If you’re a Creative Market shop owner, there is still time to join us. All you need to do is download our AHV Badge PSD, adjust the % you want to commit to donate at the end of October, add it to your shop header, and let me know via email that you’re participating. At the end of the month, we’ll check in to see how much you raised in total before you submit your donation to All Hands Volunteers. In the future, we hope to explore an automated feature in our platform that makes these response campaigns much easier all around.

If you’re not a shop owner, you can still participate by making a donation and letting us know the amount.

New Products: FutureDeco
Over the past 3 months, I’ve been slowly working on a new series of print templates called FutureDeco, and thought I’d release them to drive energy towards my shop, through which I’ve committed 100% of my sales to All Hands this month. As of right now, I’ve designed and launched a Wedding Invitation Suite, a Thank You Card template, 2 Business Card templates, and a Birthday Card template. If you know someone who could use these resources, please pass them along.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for any involvement that you choose to take during this campaign.

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