Sketchnotes of Circles Conf 2013

I took the opportunity to sketch as many of the talks as I could, but you can watch videos of the talks online. In the order that they were delivered, here are my sketchnotes of 8 out of the 12 talks:

Josh Hemsley – Building A Better Us (You and Me)
website / twitter / dribbble

Lotta Nieminen – You Need To Love Your Work For Others To Love It Too website / twitter / dribbble

Morgan Allen Knutson – Non-Profit Doesn’t Mean Boring or Free
website / twitter / dribbble

Carlos Whittaker – Momentus Design
website / twitter

Cameron Moll – What a Wonderful World
website / twitter / dribbble

Megan Gilger – It’s Not All Business
website / twitter / dribbble

Matt Stevens – Capture and Convey
website / twitter / dribbble

Jeff Sheldon – Building A Brand: How Details Make the Difference
website / twitter / dribbble

You can browse the conversations about Circles by looking through #Circles2013 on Twitter and checking out their Instagram account. If you’re looking for a conference to supercharge your inspiration and to make new friends, I highly recommend grabbing a ticket for Circles 2014!

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