Cotton Bureau: A Gaggle of Triangles

Cotton Bureau is a sweet new shirt design platform that just launched today! It allows designers to submit shirt concepts for approval, after which requires 25 pre-orders to get each shirt printed. The shirt printing, packaging and shipping are all handled by the fine folks behind United Pixelworkers. The logo was designed by Bobby McKenna.

To help celebrate the launch of Cotton Bureau, I was asked to submit my first shirt design, which coincidentally needs your pre-order to get it printed: A Gaggle of Triangles. Here is the description for this submission: “Say hello to a triangular cluster of neatly organized chaos, wrapped in a tasty cyan-to-magenta rainbow roll and deep-fried to imperfection.” Pre-order it now to help get it printed (25 required).

Here’s to hoping it gets printed, and many more future submissions.

Congrats on the launch, Jay and team.

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