Make It Happen.

When Help Ink approached me a year ago to design a poster to raise funds for a charity, I was immediately fascinated by their charitable business model and wanted to participate. However, I requested that my contribution occur in the Spring of 2013, and well — today is the day! I’m delighted to be one of the first to design a shirt for charity as part of a new initiative launched by Help Ink.

Buy a Make It Work shirt and support the fantastic folks over at All Hands Volunteer. The shirt will only be available for the next 6 days, (until midnight on May 12th), so don’t hesitate to grab one as soon as possible.

So, I wanted to quickly mention that through the process of designing this shirt, I illustrated parts of the typography 3 times. I failed to “nail it” in the first pass, and had to grind through iterations in the evenings to meet the deadline. The original direction for the lettering that I conceptualized didn’t work as much as I’d liked, but I managed to salvage the “MAKE” type and execute lettering underneath it (twice).

I think it’s important to share “failures” as most projects aren’t as ‘clean’ in terms of their production as perceived by the final, polished presentation. Here are a few Instagram shots of how I produced the work:

Buy a Make It Work shirt and choose a charity to support today!

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