Anamonograms Part 2

Continuing my Anamonogram series, here are the next four hand-illustrated pieces. In the order they appear below, they are as follows: #5 KIN/INK (high-res), #6 BEST/BETS (high-res), #7 NOTE/TONE (high-res), and #8 EARTH/HEART (high-res).

With the addition of #5-#8, I wanted to add a few notes on the execution of these studies that I over-looked in the original post. The study has a 3-color limitation of black, white and warm grey, which demands spontaneous and creative uses to diversify the look of the pieces. In particular, the atypical application of white on the tea-dyed paper is something I’m loving, which is an evolution from the previous Venn by Pen project (that only used black on tea-dyed paper). Lastly, I’m exploring different ways of overlaying and intertwining the letters of the two words within a confined space, which has produced mixed results. Cheers!

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