Soup Peddler

Over the weekend, a site redesign that I’ve been slowly working on with Adam Holzband (developer) for local Austin foodie legend, The Soup Peddler (client) had a soft launch. Check it out here:

The new website features custom hand-drawn illustrations that were conceptualized out of the soup peddler’s history of hand-crafting soups and delivering them by bike to hungry patrons. The story of this business is fascinating and inspirational. The new look that I created is based off of adjectives such as accessible, interesting (quirky) and family-friendly which are all part of David’s larger food (and brand) philosophy.

I also wanted to add that Prova was created for (and inspired by) this project. My intention was to sprinkle it alongside other hand-crafted fonts (i.e. Clumsy) throughout the site to create cohesion with the homepage rotator, functional tools and important information.

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