3 New Typefaces & A Swatch Pack

Today is over four months in the making: I’ve got a new shop with new products! Ever since I finished Prova last year, I couldn’t help but indulge and chase my curiosity in creating typefaces.

I sketched some new letterforms and explored layering them with flexible embellishments. Beyond hand-drawing type, I explored clean type in this offering (and for future releases too). To top it off, I’m also offering a graphic metal swatch pack. Read about each of the new offerings below by heading over to my revised shop here.

Notch is my first clean, display typeface. It’s a nod to (and modern take on) historic industrial letterforms with two-pronged terminals, sturdy stems and an optional inline. Learn more about Notch and get it here.

HandSlab is a hand-crafted extended slab serif with charming touches and an optional block drop shadow. It’s a fresh take on a typeface style that’s recently had a small revival, and I wanted to take it to a hand-drawn place to make it warmer and more friendly. Learn more about HandSlab and get it here.

Jaywalk is a hand-drawn rounded square display typeface that is balanced, bright and cohesive. It’s also got an optional line drop shadow that can be used to craft unique headlines and messaging. Learn more about Jaywalk and get it here.

Metal Swatch Pack is my first graphic asset pack offering. Earlier in my career, I designed a lot of signage and environmental elements, and found a beautiful pack of metal swatch bars that I couldn’t resist scanning in at high resolution. There are forty (40) metal bars scanned at 600 dpi as TIFs. Each file is approximately 8 MB, and could be used as repeating backgrounds in both print and web design projects. Learn more about the Metal Swatch Pack and get it here!.

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