Spotlight: Jen Stark

When people tell me that all design is going to be digital in the future, I start digging around the internet for examples that show the potential of print and paper when used creatively. It’s true that the majority of marketing and advertising is moving towards a digital/media dominated landscape; however, printed and non-printed paper design is also moving – towards deliberate and unique artistic applications.

I found the art of Jen Stark and was floored. The rich layering of colors, movement, and space within her sculpted paper compositions is absolutely stunning. Their three-dimensional and tactile nature give the brain playful fodder to contemplate within. Her work is so good, that back in 2008 Banana Republic stole some of it.

Here’s one of my favorites from Jen’s paper sculpture works:

Stark also dabbles in drawing, installation and animation. Go check out more of Stark’s mesmerizing work on her site. In addition, you can watch a video about her work here or dive straight into her Vimeo account and watch her paper sculptures animate to life.

Artists who make complex creative ideas out of paper really fascinate me, and I’ve begun to notice that a new wave of the paper-craft movement has started to pick up steam again recently. With a quick search, I found more than a dozen paper-crafters here for your additional browsing pleasure.

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