New Work: Posters #27 & #25

Continuing my contributions to the poster microsite collection for GSD&M’s 40th anniversary, I illustrated two posters that are being released today.

Poster #27 – The Good to Great Client Event. The agency had Jim Collins come speak to clients, colleagues, and employees about the future of the business, so I wanted to emphasize the purpose of the gathering with a big, bold typographic treatment that would communicate greatness – aspirational diagonal angle included.

Here are some of the original sketches for #27:

#25 – Our Friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton. I decided to illustrate silhouettes of the former president, first lady, and two of the GSD&M founders. Their relationships started around the ’72 McGovern presidential campaign here in Austin, so I created a frame wall of memorabilia surrounding the time they spent together at the beginning of what is now a long, enduring friendship.

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