New Work: 40th Microsite

For GSD&M’s 40th anniversary celebration, the group creative directors tasked the design and creative teams with illustrating posters of “the 40 best things that we ever did.” To display this collection, I designed an interactive gallery microsite that uses responsive techniques to serve up the posters properly across desktop browsers, iPads, iPhones and the like. The development was done in-house by the talented Joel Parr, and the logo was designed by Simon Walker.

We used responsive techniques to display the gallery properly across the iPad and iPhone browsers, creating a seamless experience.

The home page is a gallery of thumbnails that have been cropped in interesting ways to encourage users to click into the details pages to see the entire posters; we used CSS3 to add a nice rollover effect. The posters are planned to release for 40 days leading up to the actual celebration date.

Detail pages allow users to move through the posters with an easy sub-navigation, and share their favorites on Facebook or Twitter.

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