2012 SXSW Panel Proposal

Last week, SXSW opened up the PanelPicker to voting and comments for proposed panels to SXSW interactive 2012. I submitted a panel titled Humanize the Web: Illustrating for Interactive, and talked my buddy Reagan Ray into co-presenting with me on this topic. I think it’s fair to say we both share a strong passion for adding hand-crafted illustrations to our interactive work and would love the opportunity to share on this topic.

Here is a partial list highlighting key themes that we’ll be researching if the panel is picked.

  1. Responsive Illustrations: balance the complexity of illustrations and imagery so that they scale well across multiple devices and browser.
  2. Custom Lettering: choose between styling live html type and custom image-based illustrated type to create a balanced, friendly user experience.
  3. Content Support: pair illustrations with content to encourage the viewer to continue reading or sum up lengthy articles in a single tasty visual.
  4. Style Choices: learn how to pick a style that compliments your brand and communicates a feeling that may inspire the user to take action.
  5. Framework Integration: evaluate the elements of your site’s user interface and choose which should be enhanced with optimized imagery or styled with code.
  6. Characters: use characters to energize the personality of your brand and keep the audience engaged throughout the site experience.
  7. Gridlock: break the grid with illustrations to create dynamic movement on the page and emphasize content.
  8. CSS3 Substitution: explore replicating parts of your custom illustration using the latest CSS3 techniques to create a leaner load time.
  9. Background: integrate repeating patterns and oversized, optimized illustrations to create a big visual impact on the page.
  10. Curiousity: use creative, playful html5 or animated gif implementations to encourage curiosity in users while maintaining a good user experience.

If this topic interests you, please head over to the PanelPicker and vote for it. Thanks!

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  1. Reagan says:

    3 cheers for illustration on the web!

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