M. Glaser at NYC Creative Mornings

Recently, I watched Milton Glaser‘s NYC Creative Mornings lecture online. I’ve never been exposed to his lectures before, and this video led to me digging deeper on the internet for more of his material. He is a master of simplifying design ideology that really inspires and encourages solid design thinking. Here’s the video of him at the NYC Creative Morning in January 2011.

2011/01 Milton Glaser from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

I also really enjoyed this short video about Glaser’s philosophy on design and drawing, while he hand-draws a portrait of Shakespeare:


Here are a few of Glaser’s books that I’m interested in digging into:

And, here are my three favorite quotes by Glaser so far:

“In the artistic life, you have to fail over and over again to understand what you’re doing. What I urge you to do is fail more often in your professional life, if you want to find out what it is that you’re capable of learning.”

“Learning to draw is the way you enter into design.”

“The act of drawing makes me conscious of what I’m looking at. If I wasn’t drawing, I have the sense that I would not be seeing.”

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