Venn by Pen, Part Two

So, I decided to add 4 more pieces to my Venn by Penn series. You can see them individually here on the Play project page. Looking back on all 8, I thought it would be good to share how the concept that motivated me to make these came about.

I didn’t originally intend to draw Venn diagrams. It just sort of happened when I was trying to make a valentine for my lovely wife, and I couldn’t express as much meaning as I wanted to in just illustrating type. I wanted to produce small scale artwork that was densely layered with symbolism, so I altered and evolved the elements of the Venn. The interlocking shapes (or ‘frames’) were explored in a variety of styles. The type was given subtle diversity. The icon patterns were added to enhance the visual impact and meaning of the words. The outer embellishment around the shapes was added to seal the diagram into a cohesive whole.

In summary, these pieces have a sort of presence to them when held. They might be historic only in appearance, but already feel like a keepsakes.

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