Hand-crafted Business Cards

I love making things by hand, so I decided to hand-craft my business cards for 2011.
Here’s a quick recap of how I made them:

Step 1: The Plan
I decided to use custom stamps for the design on both sides. The front was to be a ‘stage’ for my new logo, and the back was planned to be a place for simple info and a hand-written message.

Step 2: The Trim Down
It’s not easy to trim down 140 lb. double cover with an x-acto knife. I went through 10 blades for 100 cards over 2 hours, so I contacted a printer to help me trim the rest.

Step 3: The Front-Side Stamp (x2)
Each card started with a full-bleed white ink custom pattern stamp, followed by a small 1/2″ black logo stamp placed in a strategic circle within the pattern. Semi-tight hand registration was required for the placement of the logo stamp, and I had varying results.

Step 4: The Back-Side Stamp
The back-side was reserved for simple messaging. I don’t think much info is needed on business cards these days with everyone being on the internet, so I kept it simple: name, website, email. I left an open area at the bottom for special hand-written messages.

Step 5: Time to Relax
I was relieved when I finished my first batch of cards. It was a bit nerve-racking trying to ‘generally’ register 3 different stamps by hand, but in the end I thought it was worth it. See the final photos here.

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22 Responses to Hand-crafted Business Cards

  1. morgana says:

    BOOM i love those bizness cards :)

  2. Melissa says:

    simply awesome. might’ve been hard work but worth it – you’ll stand out for sure.

  3. emily says:

    I love the handmade attention to detail. I’ve been dying to do something like this!

  4. Gerren says:

    thanks everyone!
    @emily – my best advice is to just go for it!

  5. Danielle D says:

    This is a marvelous idea. I’m getting ready to do a revamp myself, so this might be fun to try! Thanks for the inspiration. :) Best.

  6. Gerren says:

    Danielle — it’s really cost effective to buy the stamp, but labor intensive to get great results.
    Best of luck!

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  8. Simon says:

    Brilliantly done. You know these are gonna pay off. Well done my friend.

  9. Gerren says:

    Thank you Simon!

  10. Eleanor says:

    These are really lovely. I’ve been hand-stamping my invoices and envelopes for years, using a combination of off-the-office-supply-store-shelf stamps and stamping kits along with a few custom stamps. They never fail to elicit a delighted comment. Your sensibilities are lovely, too– Design & Then Some? Love it. Your new mark? Elegant. I’d commission you in a heartbeat, based solely on what’s in this post. Mighty fine.

  11. Gerren says:

    Thanks Eleanor! I agree — anything that’s tactile (print, hand-crafted, stamped, etc) needs a sense of delight and surprise when experienced/held in person. Thanks for the kind comment.

  12. Scott Webb says:

    These are awesome! I’ve been thinking about stamps, home-brewed business cards and other office supplies too.

    I wondered if you’d be able to let me know where the best place is to look into custom stamps?

  13. Heath says:

    That’s very nice! makes me want to go and get all stampy.

  14. Gerren says:

    Scott, I’ve had great luck with RubberStamps.net.

  15. Kim Hallberg says:

    Just one question, how did you do the stamp? Thinking of learning it my self, it looks so lovley, big thanks.

    The cards are beautiful btw, good job! :)

  16. Gerren says:

    Kim, the stamp was made from custom vector artwork. Thanks!

  17. Chad says:

    Love the blog. Please don’t stop posting. Ever.

  18. sharon says:

    Enjoying your website and personal logos! Very creative!

  19. Hand-crafted Business Cards are good and very creative. Maybe I also will do that because it so simple yet it is presentable and the materials can be easily be purchased on the market or from scarp.

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  21. Kevin Clark says:

    Hey, nice work! Where did you get the paper from? I feel like it’s the way to go for small-run prints/ business cards. Thanks!

  22. Gerren says:

    Kevin, I’m pretty sure I got this paper from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and it’s the artistic printmaking paper — either 110# or higher. Alternatively, the 110# or greater papers from Neenah or Cranes would work as well. Cheers!

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